Last Days of Summer

IMG_1591Labor Day and Autumn are nearly upon us, but a heat wave approaches to remind us that Summer will still have its day in the sun.  Meanwhile, Samantha is taking advantage of the last days of Summer to wear her Dragonfly Fairy Costume.  Labor Day means a switch to Fall weather clothing and possibly an Autumn Fairy Costume, as well as the much anticipated Back to School!

I loved school when I was a kid – it was always exciting to see friends again and learn new things.  And then there was the dreaded memorization.  I reasoned that memorization was unnecessary as I could always look something up in a book, and I would rather learn how to figure things out, rather than memorizing “useless” information.  Well, it turns out that I still managed to memorize a few things anyway, so that was more of a theoretical line in the sand than a real one.

Another thing I loved to do as a kid was to make American Girl doll clothes for Samantha.  Now that I’m no longer a kid, I still love making them – and they’ve gotten more advanced, too.  I was going through my old doll things that I had made as a kid.  I was surprised by both the quality of some of the work that I did, even at the tender age of 9, and also by my problem solving.  It seems that I used straight pins to close the outfits in the back!  Well, pretty good idea, I guess, because it does ensure a nice fit regardless of your tailoring skills.  And no messing with zippers, velcro, buttons, snaps, etc.  Many happy memories.

IMG_1592Back to Summer – and Samantha’s costume!  This one I call the Dragonfly Fairy because of the dragonflies on the dress, which I carried into the tiara / headpiece that Samantha wears.  I actually made the wings for a different fairy costume, but they looked so great with this one, Samantha wears the same wings for both costumes.

Once the dress and tiara were made, I realized that she needed more of…something.  So I made her a necklace, and then I thought, “Samantha needs a scepter!”  Of course she does.  So I put this one together with a dowel and copper wire from the hardware store, some sparkly gold paint and some glittery gold paint, and some cool beads I found at the craft store.  Once she had her scepter, Samantha was totally psyched to be a Dragonfly Fairy!  This American Girl doll outfit is one of Samantha’s favorites, and she loves any chance to dress up in it.  Any excuse will do – for instance, the reason she happened to be wearing this outfit when I took the photos is that she said she wanted to wear some “outdoor clothes”.  Of course she did.  Enjoy this costume I made for my American Girl doll.

  • Fun Fact: When I made the Tiara, I re-discovered how awesome hot glue is and became only a tiny little bit passionate about finding any possible use for hot glue to solve problems (as the old saying goes, “When all you have is hot glue, every problem needs to be stuck together!” (Well, OK, I made that saying up.  But, still, totally true)).



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