That Jacket’s Causing a Racket!


Samantha wanted to get a goat
But Mama said she really needed a new coat
With buttons and pockets and a cute belt in back
Samantha was glad she didn't have to wear a sack!

The goat was forgotten when Sam put this on.
She was so warm and cozy
So cuddly and dozy
She said she would listen to Mama from now on.
(But not really - Samantha doesn't want anything too frilly!)

via Daily Prompt: Rhyme

For the Daily Prompt: Rhyme.  Check it out here.

By the way, the jacket’s now available on Etsy!


3 thoughts on “That Jacket’s Causing a Racket!

  1. Children and teenagers should know that parents and elderly ones know more than they do, no matter the knowledge they have acquired hitherto. A great short story that is filled with a great lesson!


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